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-Nicole Dake

I am a proud mom to my two girls, Atlantis (19) and River(5). I share my life with my wonderful partner, Gary. I currently am living in Germany with Gary and River. Atlantis still lives in Colorado where she is the manager of a party store.

Being the parent of a little child as well as an adult provides me with a unique perspective on ages and stages parenting topics. I have a BA in Psychology from University of Colorado in 2008, which provides an additional background for the mental health issues that I write about on the blog.

Happy Healthy Rich

Not everyone needs to make an overseas move to be happier. You can change your life right where you are, and you can start today.

You can read reviews of Happy. Healthy. Rich. The smart mom’s guide to living your best life on Amazon and Goodreads.

The Way Things Go

Poems about life, love and the way things go. Sometimes we are lost, sometimes found, but it is always far from boring.


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